Music,Sneakers & Fashion

The Founder of SUpreme

Name: Michael Valentine Mata Jr.
Alias: MV/Mata/Mike/Mikey/
Rank: Leader & Founder
DOB: November 28, 1993
Been A Member Since: Day One
Member Job: Rapper
Fresh Rank: The Flyest
Best Sneakers: Grape 5’s
Most Wanted Sneakers: LV patchwork dons (brown/rose)
Favorite Rapper: KanYe West
Most Listened to Artist : Kid Cudi
Favorite Song : Drive Slow/Mojo So Dope
Favorite Brand: BBC
Favorite Tv Show: Reno 911/The Office
Favorite Air Jordans: 6’s
Grail Sneaker: UNDFTD 4’s
Favorite Accessory: Crooks And Castles KeyChain
Favorite Weed: DRO – Magic/White Widow
Favorite Smoking item: BLUNT WRAPS!

Favorite Self-Made Line : ” I was too HipHop, with O.G Jordans, In The Milk Chrysler, We called it BORDEN’S.”

MV is a Rapper in SUpremeMusic/SUpremeSTatus and is the 2nd oldest out of the bunch. He is a Huge sneakerhead and also a member of KreamCliccGang. He’s known for having the craziest shoe game at LCHS and for making everybody laugh. He does not GIVE A FUCK what you think so dont try to bring him down.

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