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Name:Jeremy Tremel Land Greer
Alias: M@D$TYLE$
Rank: member
DOB: December 14, 1994
Been A Member Since: Day One
Member Job: Rapper
Fresh Rank: Dope
Best Sneakers: Mars 4s
Most Wanted Sneakers: OG infrared 6s
Favorite Rapper: Big Krit
Most Listened to Artist: Kanye West, Tribe Called Quest, Outkast
Favorite Song: Good Morning
Favorite Brand: BBC
Favorite Tv Show: Dave Chappelle
Favorite Air Jordans: 6′s
Grail Sneaker: UNDFTD 4′s
Favorite Accessory: lv Backpack and Duffle Bag
Favorite Weed: my high is kicks and tits
Favorite Smoking item:

Favorite Self-Made Line : niggas runnin the game with they fashion, that shit on E to me hommie quit gasin

M@D$TYLE$ is more than just your typical ghetto kid who wanted to rap. He has a 6th sense for music. As a child he listened to the legends. His father would play the classics that we all love, too short, UGK,Outkast,Boyz n tha hood, 8 ball and MJG, tribe call called quest, the greats. At the age of 12 he wrote his first rhyme and continues to stride to be the voice of hip hop and change the world in a positive way. LCHS is his stomping ground. You might catch him sportin some heat or his letter jacket with something nice on his side. Respectful, Goofy guy, loves to crack jokes and smile. At the end of the day he just wants to be a successful young black male that can handle his own.


Dreams turned to Reality…

This is why BBC/BAPE/ICE CREAM is my favorite brand. they put so much effort into every little detail. even their stores are dope as fuck. I mean, a ice cream shop to sell your ice cream brand? fuckin genius. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the DOPE.

Damn this is crazy

looks like were never embracing whats new…there will never be a future because were gradually becoming the future so it will never blow our minds. in 1960 an iPad would blow people’s mind. And now it seems like this is all just…regular

Lets Play A Game…

anybody got a couple thousand i can hold? i wanna buy this. ha.

Concept Cars Bug Me Out

Nuff Said…



Theres tons of dope kicks that id love to have, but when it comes to OG’s, these bad boys rank in the top 3. Possibly first. can you sayyyy Nike Air? – MV

If you don’t Fuck wit it, you’re LAME


LA VITA. Remember when we were kings? well this brand should remind you. Super Dope brand so go buy some shit ! i promise they wont let down. New clothes coming soon. Livin The Life ! LAVITA!